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Hearing Aids – find out about invisible hearing aids today

If you have been ignoring your hearing problems because you think hearing aids are big and unattractive, time to think again!

Cheshire Hearing offers a range of almost invisible hearing aids, so small that nobody will even know you’re wearing them. Our totally invisible hearing aids use the latest cutting edge digital technology and are custom made to fit completely in your ear canal. The only thing your friends and family will notice is your improved hearing.

  • Latest digital technology
  • 100% custom designed to fit snugly in your ear
  • Customer colours
  • Clearer, sharper hearing for you

Not only are they small but they work with the natural acoustics of your ear to give you the best sound quality possible. They also have fully automatic volume control and are so clever, they can even distinguish between speech and background noise, meaning you’ll never miss out on conversations again. What’s more, they can eliminate any feedback whistling and soften sudden loud noises, so you’ll just enjoy clearer hearing than ever before.

Our audiologists will take the time to understand your needs and the situations and environments where you have the most difficulty hearing, so we can recommend the best solution for you. Custom fit to each person, invisible hearing aids rest in the second bend of the ear canal, making them virtually undetectable to others. They are designed to be removed daily to promote good ear health.


  • Barely visible when worn, Receiver-in-Canal hearing aids (RIC) place the receiver (or speaker) inside the ear canal — connected to the power source by thin electrical wires. They provide a comfortable, open fit.


  • Completely-in-Canal hearing aids (CIC) are custom-made to fit completely in the ear canal. Only the tip of a small plastic “handle” shows outside the canal, which is used to insert and remove the instrument.


  • Like invisible hearing aids, In-the-Canals (ITC) are custom-fit to your unique ear, but the faceplate shows in the outer portion of the first bend.


  • In-the-Ear hearing aids (ITE) are also custom moulded uniquely for you and feature a faceplate that shows in the outer portion of your ear.

Hearing amplifiers

  • Typically used as a starter device for people who aren’t sure they’re ready for hearing aids, these ready-to-wear hearing amplifiers work well with many levels of hearing loss, but don’t have the advanced features of hearing aids.



Tests carried out by Senior NHS Audiologists with the latest equipment.


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