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Frequently Asked Questions

The following are a selection of the most commonly asked, important questions that you may like to discuss with us prior to treatment. Some patients also find it helpful to write their questions down ahead of time to help them review the information discussed when speaking to Cheshire Hearing.

Are NHS hearing aids the same as private ones?

Some of the aids may be similar but the choice under the NHS is limited. In contrast, privately supplied aids often offer a much wider range of advanced technology and include the most invisible, discreet models to suit the individual wearer.

Why are hearing aids that look the same different in price?

Although the hearing aid casing may look the same, it’s the technology inside that really determines the price. The more sophisticated the technology, the better the hearing aid can cope with many different situations and lifestyles – and this increased sophistication means that the technology is more expensive to produce.

How much do hearing aids cost?

We offer a range of hearing aids from leading manufacturers at prices to suit everyone’s budget. The cost of a hearing aid depends mainly on the type of hearing loss you have and the variety of different situations that your hearing aid will need to cope with. The more varied the situations and lifestyles, the more sophisticated the hearing aid’s technology needs to be. At your hearing assessment we will advise you on the various options available to you and the most appropriate level of technology required for your individual hearing loss and lifestyle.

Are private hearing aids expensive?

Private hearing aids cover a wide range of prices depending on the style and complexity of hearing aid that you need to suit your hearing loss and your lifestyle. Although most digital hearing aids may be able to improve your hearing, the more expensive hearing aids incorporate advanced technology which makes them easier to use, better able to cope with differing environments and situations and increased functionality to integrate with other electronic equipment around your home.

What styles of private hearing aids are available?

The preferred main type of private hearing aid is the in-the-ear design. It is small, discreet, and often available in colours that tone with your skin or hair. Our hearing aids are available to automatically adjust to different sounds so you don’t need to adjust them manually, or they can be used with a remote control to help people with dexterity problems such as arthritis. We offer a range of almost invisible hearing aids, so small that nobody will even know you’re wearing them. Click here for more information.

How long does it take to get my hearing aid?

Normally non-customised hearing aids are fitted within seven days and custom aids are fitted within two to four weeks following your hearing assessment. All our hearing aids are selected and programmed individually to meet your specific hearing requirements and this can take between two to four weeks dependent upon the type of hearing aids.

Do you offer any support once I’ve purchased my hearing aids from you?

Our support and aftercare guarantee looks after your hearing aids and includes an assessment and evaluation of your hearing, expert help and advice, demonstrations of new hearing aid technology to ensure you continue to get the most out of your hearing aids.

Do hearing aids just amplify all sounds?

Almost all hearing aids are designed to amplify sounds selectively so that they amplify the sounds that are more difficult to hear. Hearing aids that use digital technology produce more accurate amplification that can be tailored to your individual needs.

What’s the difference between analogue and digital hearing aids?

Digital hearing aids have largely taken the place of analogue ones because they offer far better sound quality and clarity. They have a tiny computer inside which processes sounds and this makes it possible to customise them very precisely to suit each individuals hearing loss. Many digital aids can be programmed with different settings for different sound environments; for example, one programme for a quiet living room and another for a noisy restaurant.

Why do most people wear two hearing aids?

Usually people have a hearing loss in both ears, so it is a common misconception that only one hearing aid is necessary to assist with hearing problems affecting both ears. Just as with your eye sight, if both ears have less than normal hearing, then the maximum benefit can only be attained if you use two hearing aids. This is especially important if your hearing problem is most noticeable in noisier situations.

Will hearing aids restore my natural hearing?

Although it is not possible to restore your natural hearing, hearing aids allow you to hear better. Even people who have normal hearing experience some difficulty in noisy situations and, although no hearing aid can restore your natural hearing completely, wearing hearing aids will almost certainly improve your hearing significantly.

What will I experience when I first wear hearing aids?

As your hearing loss will probably have been gradual over several years, you will have become used to not hearing properly many of the sounds of life, like traffic noise, the fridge, leaves rustling or birds singing. When you start wearing hearing aids, these sounds will reappear so you need to get used to ignoring the sounds that you don’t want to hear – just like you used to. By wearing your hearing aids as much as possible, you can re-educate your brain to do just this. Wearing your hearing aids will also help you recognise where sounds are coming from and learn the best settings for different situations.

Should I wear my hearing aids at night?

Hearing aids are not normally worn in bed at night.

Can hearing aids make my hearing worse?

Properly prescribed and fitted hearing aids do not make your hearing worse, because they do not physically alter the state of your hearing mechanism. Once your hearing has begun to deteriorate, it will usually continue to do so over time – but hearing aids are designed to help you make the most of your remaining hearing to make sounds clearer and sharper.

Which are the best hearing aids to buy?

There are many brands of hearing aid produced by reputable international manufacturers. However the most important issues in determining which hearing aid is right for you are the results of your hearing test, your lifestyle, the style of hearing aid that you prefer and your level of dexterity. Based on these four key factors, your hearing aid audiologist will recommend the hearing aids that he thinks are most appropriate for you to ensure that they will satisfy your individual needs and that you will feel comfortable and confident wearing every day.

Are the In-the-ear (ITE) aids advertised really as small as they appear?

Yes, generally speaking. The size and shape of the aid may vary with the dimensions of each person’s ears, but advances in digital technology now mean that hearing aids really are very discreet and almost “invisible”.

How can I tell if someone is authorised by the Health Professions Council (HCPC) to dispense hearing aids?

Our hearing aid audiologists at Cheshire Hearing are authorised by the HPC who issue an authorisation card to each hearing aid audiologist. You can ask to see this card or, if you prefer, contact the Health & Care Professions Council or check on their website which holds a list of registered hearing aid dispensers.

Is there any advantage in buying hearing aids from a large national company or should I go for a local independent supplier?

By choosing Cheshire Hearing, you will receive the very highest levels of care from a local, independent company. We don’t do call centres, so you’ll always speak to friendly audiologist who will provide expert advice. We offer a wide range of products incorporating the very latest, high performance technology range of hearing solutions backed by a comprehensive aftercare programme.

How can I protect my hearing aids against damage or loss?

To ensure you have peace of mind, when you buy a hearing aid from Cheshire Hearing, you not only receive a no quibble 30 day 100% money back guarantee, but also benefit from our two year guarantee, at no additional cost.

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