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Domiciliary Visits

At Cheshire Hearing, we can fit your hearing aid in the comfort of your own home.

All of our testing equipment is the very latest in cutting edge diagnostic  technology which would normally be found in a hospital or clinical setting, but due to advancements in miniaturisation, this equipment is now portable, allowing us to make a comprehensive hearing assessment in your own home.

We can bring our equipment to your home to undertake hearing tests and then fit hearing aids. The equipment is small, portable and wireless where during testing, specialist headphones are used to reduce any ambient noise that may be present in the home to ensure the accuracy of hearing tests.

Independent, Local & Trustworthy

Cheshire Hearing are solely based in Stockport, not affiliated with any national companies and offer impartial, professional advice, based on the clinical needs of the patient.

Patient centred approach

At Cheshire Hearing we have the philosophy that the most important component of hearing care is the patient themselves. We listen to what your needs are and aware of your needs and expectations. We believe that everybody is individual; as is the personally tailored hearing solution that we provide. We can fit the hearing aid in the comfort and surroundings of your own home, or if you prefer, at our clinic in the Lilac Suite at Stepping Hill Hospital, usually within seven day turnaround form test to fitting.