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Our Team

Care at Cheshire Hearing is patient-centred, safe and transparent. Our senior audiologist, Mr Michael Doyle, is a distinguished hearing expert who holds over 25 years medical experience of successfully treating hundreds of patients, with the core aim of improving their quality of life.

Dedicated, qualified and experienced

All audiologists at Cheshire Hearing are all highly qualified and registered with the Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC) which only registers professionals who meet its standards for training, professional skills and behaviour.

Our audiologists also keep up to date with the very latest developments in hearing care technology and best practice, which helps them provide the best hearing solution for your needs. Our hearing aid audiologists have over 20 years’ experience in the NHS and are trained to identify key medical conditions and refer you to an appropriate medical specialist, if necessary. During your assessment, if your audiologist has any concerns about the medical condition of your ears, they will refer to your GP or to an Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) specialist.

Our audiologists are also clinically trained for micro-suction removal of wax from the ear. Designed and built by world-leading manufacturers including Starkey Hearing Technologies, our in the ear hearing aids are packed with technology and feature the newest innovations in hearing assistance.

Modern digital hearing aids are self-learning. That means they get to know your preferred settings for places you go to and adjust automatically. Our hearing aids don’t just turn up the volume, they identify the sounds you want to hear and filter out the ones you don’t. So even in a noisy room, you can hear the person you’re talking to clearly above the background chatter. Special technology can send the sound from your TV or stereo direct to your hearing aids. So you can easily hear your favourite programmes or listen to music without disturbing others.

As a leading private centre for audiology in Manchester and Cheshire you will receive the highest levels of clinical excellence and expertise.