Tea for Tinnitus


Tinnitus Awareness Week (8-14 February) will celebrate its tenth anniversary this year with a new campaign – Tea for Tinnitus.

The British Tinnitus Association (BTA) will be encouraging people to hold a Tea for Tinnitus party to raise awareness of the debilitating condition and to raise funds for services to help people living with the condition.

Tinnitus is when someone hears sounds that appear to come from inside their body, rather than from the outside. People with the condition often describe it as a ringing sound in the ears, although it can take other forms which include whistling, humming, buzzing, hissing and even a grinding noise.

In some cases people report noises similar to music or singing, with some hearing sounds that beat in time with their pulse – known as pulsatile tinnitus. The condition can mean someone’s hearing worsens or they may become increasingly sensitive to everyday sounds.

Although not life threatening, it can affect some people severely. For some, tinnitus is a minor irritation which comes and goes, but in others it is a debilitating, ever present distraction which can affect sleep and in some cases lead to depression. That’s why it is always important to see a GP if symptoms occur.

Anyone wanting more information about Tinnitus Awareness Week or details on how to stage a tea party can visit the Tea for Tinnitus website or email info@teafortinnitus.co.uk

The awareness week will also include a range of events around the UK including talks, information days, free assessments and displays.

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