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Earwax, or cerumen, is a fatty substance produced by glands inside the ear that is often thought to clean, lubricate, and protect the lining of your ear. Earwax doesn’t cause problems, but if it builds up, it can create obstructions in the ear canal; these obstructions are one of the most common problems ear, nose and throat ENT consultants see. When untreated, obstructions can create complications including external otitis (“swimmer’s ear”), which occurs when water gets trapped in the ear canal and causes inflammation or infection, and hearing loss, which occurs when excess earwax prevents sound from passing from the outer ear to the inner ear. Earwax obstruction can be treated with earwax removal, but removal can be harmful if done unsafely. Here are five tips for healthier ears and safer earwax removal. 1. Don’t Use Foreign Objects to Remove Earwax Using a cotton swab, bobby pin or foreign object to remove earwax m

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North Staffordshire clinical commissioning group takes unprecedented step of refusing to give devices to mainly elderly patients with mild hearing loss.

The NHS will start denying people with hearing problems access to hearing aids for the first time in a controversial move that critics claim will worsen sufferers’ social isolation. The GP-led NHS clinical commissioning group in North Staffordshire is taking the unprecedented step of ceasing to provide free hearing aids to mainly elderly people in its area with mild hearing loss. It is also making it harder for those with moderate hearing loss to get access to hearing aids by introducing new eligibility criteria against which patients will be judged. Read the full article here. 
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