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Looking For Ear Wax Removal? Try Microsuction.

Ear Wax Removal with Microsuction

Microsuction Ear Wax Removal

Unblock your ears quickly, safely and gently with Cheshire Hearings new incredible ear wax microsuction technique. The microsuction removal treatment is a far more gentle procedure than other types of ear wax removal, you can come back far more regularly for treatment. Suitable for patients who are about to fly, are already hearing aid users, have previous ear drum damage or have impacted ear wax.

Why You Should Consider Microsuction For Earwax Removal

There are several problems associated with syringing of the ear canal to remove earwax. Syringing can and in many cases actually did cause issues like otitis media (middle ear infection), Otitis Externa (outer ear infection), perforation of the ear drum and trauma to the ear canal.  It is also not actually very effective at removing earwax. That is why the syringing for earwax removal was actually generally abandoned several years ago. Most earwax removal that people refer to as syringing is actually now done with an irrigation system.

Microsuction earwax removal is the safest

Microsuction for ear wax removal is the best method we have come across. it is completely safe, instant, effective and comfortable earwax removal. Microsuction involves no introduction of liquid or any other material to the ear canal which completely ensures that no infection can be introduced. It also means that there is absolutely no chance of over pressure bursting the eardrum.

Because I can clearly see what I am doing through the microscope the chance of injury to the ear canal or eardrum is greatly reduced. There is hardly ever a time that the ear wax can not be removed in one session. Even better for both the Patient and myself, it is completely mess free.

Earwax removal for hearing aid wearers

Earwax build up to excess can be a common problem for people who wear hearing aids. The build up plays havoc with their hearing aids and their ability to hear. With irrigation earwax removal you need to put drops in your ear for some time to soften the wax. This for all intents and purposes means that you can’t wear your hearing aids for some time.

It makes sense if you are a hearing aid user who wants their ears cleaned to opt for microsuction. No drops and no time without your hearing aids.

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