A Leading Private Hearing Aid Clinic in Stockport

We provide elite standards of treatment and patient focused care.


Hearing Aid Treatments in Stockport – we are a new private hearing clinic with a wealth NHS hospital experience providing cutting edge digital hearing aids that can do remarkable things.

We are a Stockport based private hearing clinic with a first class reputation, providing elite standards of patient focused care, so you can be confident about our professional knowledge and skills.


At Cheshire Hearing, we specialise in the highest quality of hearing care, either at a local Stockport-based clinic, or in your own home, without compromise. We have over 20 years’ experience in the NHS and privately, where we can provide honest advice when it comes to providing a more bespoke hearing aid solution.


If you have, or you suspect you are experiencing hearing difficulties, we would recommend that you visit your family GP and obtain a referral to your local NHS audiology department. They will evaluate your hearing and if necessary, they will issue a free, NHS hearing aid. If you decide that you would like to consider a more advanced prescriptively made hearing aid, then Cheshire Hearing will support you with this. All of our hearing aids are available with a 30 day, 100% money back guarantee.


Our clinic is conveniently located near Stockport town centre where we provide expert advice and support by prior appointment only.